Sunday, August 29

Tour: Jasadan and Hingorgadh

Vedic Science City Club
visiting Jasadan and Hingorgadh Palace
(Dist.: Rajkot, Gujarat, India)


On 15 August, 2010, our club children went on outing to a nearby place know as Hingorghadh. On the way we visited a very big Goshala at Jasadan. It is located 60 km away from Rajkot city, Gujarat. One of our devotee Ghanashyam Prabhu lives there and produces around 20 medicinal products made from Cow's Panchgavya

Whatever the cow produces is called Gavya. Panchgavya means milk, dadhi, ghee, gomay, gomutra. Panchgavya also means a divine medicine and it cures diseases like cancer etc.

We had arranged a training session for children to make them learn how these medicine are produced.

Then we went to a historical place named Hingoragadh. It is a palace build by Ala Khachar, a king of Jasadan about 400 yrs ago. It is surrounded by small hills covered with greenary wild animals and birds. This place is visited by thousands of school students every year and there are camping facilities available.

It was really a wonderful experience to be with children while enjoying the nature's beauty.


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